A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Aphantasia - [n]. The inability to form mental images of objects that are not present.

You're working with a local psychiatrist on a new therapy to lessen the negative effects that aphantasia has on those who suffer from it.

Because they cannot form their own mental images, you've volunteered to help them create physical representations of their purely verbal thoughts.

In other words, you're painting their memories.

How to play

You can play by download love2d's super simple game engine thing. OR you can use the Windows or Mac versions I've created (which will be up here ASAP! Still working on getting them to work properly). I might try to work on a port that can play in the web but it doesn't seem well-supported so none of us should hold our breaths.

Otherwise, directions are in the game.

Known issues

- Title isn't appearing on window.
- Scoring isn't working for the second or third levels.
- One sound effect later in the game is looping when it shouldn't be.

UPDATE: Fixed the issues above at around +1 hour after submission hour, you can look at github for the record of changes if you're curious.


This is my first game using love2d, and my third LD! I had the most fun creating all the assets for this game, and I hope y'all have as much fun as I did messing around with the art.


aphantasia-win32.zip 15 MB
aphantasia-win64.zip 15 MB
aphantasia-bugfixes.love 12 MB
aphantasia-osx.zip 18 MB

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