The mystery 

The year is 1998, and someone is missing. What happened to Sparrow, the Agency operative who disappeared at some point in the last month?

The investigation

Pilot an experimental fly-sized drone into Sparrow's living room to gather information and find out what happened to her.

The gameplay

Interact with your surroundings by typing out commands for your drone to interpret and execute. Read lots of interesting content, listen to voicemail messages, and solve puzzles as you make your way through the game.

The cliché

The theme of the game jam for which this game was created is "clichés." The cliché I chose for this game was being "a fly on the wall."


All art, music, game design, code, and copy by kristinamay.

If you want to judge me really hard, you can find the code here.

Made with Pixaki, Medley, Figma, and Procreate.

Created in Love2D for the Github GameOff 2022.

Thank you so much to my volunteer voice actors:

  • Fletcher 
  • David Haney
  • Zach Frandsen
  • Treezypoo
  • S. Pastrami Esquire

And thank you to the playtesters:

  • Matt
  • James
  • Amber
  • Fletcher

Answering machine beep from : "cleanansweringbeep" - kwahmah_02


This game should be fully accessible to folks who are deaf and hard-of-hearing - the voice acting in the game is also transcribed in the player's notes, and there are no semantically important audio cues - only background music. The game also does not rely on color for any of its puzzles or interactions, so it should be fully accessible to color-blind folks. If you have any accessibility issues, please please please let me know via the comments!


















ONLY LOOK AT THESE HINTS IF YOU ARE TRULY STUCK. They'll take the joy out of the game! There are some in-game hints that you can use back at the 'station' if you need.

Sparrow's name - small hint Sometimes the answer is as obvious as it seems.
Sparrow's name - big hint The name is written on an envelope somewhere.
Sparrow's name - solution Jean Cabot

What happened - small hint There are a few possible explanations for what happened to Sparrow, but what's in the chest eliminates one big one.
What happened - big hint Listen to the message from February 14, and check out the letter.
What happened - solution She was kidnapped.

When it happened - small hint The details you need are in the calendar combined with the messages.
When it happened - big hint Which events did Sparrow attend, and which did she miss?
When it happened - solution February 14.

Who's involved - small hint Take inventory of the cast of characters and determine who might be the most likely. The polaroid may help.
Who's involved - big hint The letter is pretty cut-and-try.
Who's involved - solution The Spider.

Where is she - read this before you get any hints! First, if you haven't found the diary puzzle, stop here and read the hints for puzzle 1 down below.
Where is she - hint You'll need a street name and street number. The messages will help with the number, and you get the name with the chest puzzle.
Where is she - solution 126 Williams St

Hints for specific puzzles!

Click for puzzle 1's name Chest combination
Puzzle 1 - how to find - small hint Shining some darkness on this issue might help. Look to the diary for guidance.
Puzzle 1 - how to find - big hint You need to remove/reduce two light sources.
Puzzle 1 - how to find - solution Unplug the lamp and close the curtains, then open the desk drawer.
Puzzle 1 - how to solve - small hint What might the figures "2.8", "2.11", etc. stand for? Where have you seen those before?
Puzzle 1 - how to solve - medium hint If you're looking at a book and you see specifiers like "R4" and "W3" what might those stand for?
Puzzle 1 - how to solve - big hint R = row, W = word. The other figures are dates.
Puzzle 1 - how to solve - solution Putting the clues together gives you "1223" which is the chest combination.

Click for puzzle 2's name Puzzle behind chest
Puzzle 2 - how to find - hint You have to solve puzzle 1 before you can get to this puzzle.
Puzzle 2 - how to find - solution Open the chest and turn off all the lights.
Puzzle 2 - how to solve - small hint The shapes with letters in them - where have you seen those shapes?
Puzzle 2 - how to solve - medium hint If you combine the letters and numbers from the stickers, where might you use that information?
Puzzle 2 - how to solve - big hint Use the coordinates from the stickers with the circled letters on the map.
Puzzle 2 - how to solve - solution

Putting this all together gives you WI LL IA MS - or, Williams St.

Got any other unanswered questions once you've finished the game? Check here!

Question 1 name What gives with all of the hiking stuff?
Question 1 answer The hiking hobby was a misdirect to make you think she just went hiking. That is, until you found the keys (where did she go without her car?) and the chest full of unused hiking gear. Seems like it was a new hobby.

Question 2 name What was the significance of the flower?
Question 2 answer The flower being fresh and new could indicate someone had put a fresh one in there recently. But smelling it tells you that it's just plastic, and is a misdirect for the date of disappearance.

Question 3 name What was the significance of the photo?
Question 3 answer The photo shows that Sparrow had seen the Spider when she was out and about recently, and was nervous about it. She labeled it as her brother to hopefully confuse any bad actors who might try to clear her apartment of clues.

Question 4 name What was the significance of the post-it notes?
Question 4 answer One note gives you the hint for where to get the house number. The red fish on another note is meant to be a red herring - a tiny clue that not everything in the room will be pertinent.

Question 5 name What was the significance of all of the messages?
Question 5 answer A couple of the messages give important info: the message from the 14th gives a number, the one from the 15th shows that she missed an event that day. The others are meant to reinforce items from the calendar and impart a lil bit of flavor.

Question 6 name What was the significance of the carpet clue?
Question 6 answer The carpet was ripped, but the rest of the apartment was very tidy (and even the ski cap was repaired, so Sparrow's not the type to leave stuff like that go). The carpet rip must have happened when she couldn't fix it, i.e. during a scuffle in which she was kidnapped.

Question 7 name What was the significance of the garbage?
Question 7 answer The trash is starting to go off - it's been there for quite a while. Just an additional hint indicating that she didn't disappear within the last few days.

Got any other questions about the game content? Throw 'em in the comments and I will try to answer!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withLÖVE
TagsDetective, GitHub, Mystery, Typing
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles, Interactive tutorial


FlySpy 1.1 for Mac 17 MB
FlySpy 1.1 for Windows 32 11 MB
FlySpy 1.1 for Windows 64 11 MB
FlySpy 1.1 .love file 7 MB

Install instructions

If you decide to download instead of playing in browser, note that Windows really doesn't like recognizing files - you'll probably have to manually give permissions to the files in order to play.

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