A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Gorbo and Gobby need your help!

These goblin bffs just had a GREAT idea. Lots of people need lots of stuff, right?

And Gorbo the Great is a wizard, right? (yes.)

Why not take random forest trash that they can scrounge up and use MAGIC to transmute it into useful items?!

And then why not sell those items to customers?!

Why not, indeed.

In Incredible Third Dimensional Copying Contraption, you play as Gobby, who hangs out inside of a stump machine, taking requests and making them happen. There are over 20 different items to create, with tons of different characters to create them for!

How to play

For each round, you'll get an item request. Dolls, candlesticks, even cats! Then, use the items at your disposal - things like mushrooms, spoons, playing cards - and arrange them to match the item as precisely as you can. Once you're done - OR once 10 "seconds" are up (there is no actual time pressure, it's turn based!) - you can toss your creation out of the OUT hole and reap your earnings! Or, you know, not. Depends on how well you do.

The game goes for 10 rounds, with different target objects each round. Items are random, so you can replay the game to try creating new items!

How much can you earn in tips for a job well-done??

How we made it

Code and writing by bkelly

Art, music, writing, and code by kristinamay

Game was created in Love2D

Music was created in Medley

Art was created with Pixaki

Sound effects from FreeSound.org (credits where required in Github readme)

A couple of notes on releases

  1. We have a web version but it’s crashing on an animation, so we’re shipping Mac + Windows right now, and will hopefully have a web version (unchanged save for the bug fix) up within the next couple of days!
  2. There are two releases below - a 1.0 and a 1.1. The 1.1 fix includes a small algorithm update for image matching to make it feel less punishing. If you want an “easier” experience, play the post-jam version. For a harder experience, play the original jam version.


ludum-dare-51-0.1.0-MacOS.zip 12 MB
ludum-dare-51-0.1.0-Win32.zip 6 MB
ludum-dare-51-0.1.0-Win64.zip 7 MB
ludum-dare-51-0.1.1-MacOS-post-jam-fix.zip 12 MB
ludum-dare-51-0.1.1-Win32-post-jam-fix.zip 6 MB
ludum-dare-51-0.1.1-Win64-post-jam-fix.zip 7 MB

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