This is a game for Pong Jam. In this game, you are playing pong, BUT! As you score points and gather different burger pieces, your paddle gets heavier and harder to move. Finish your burger before your opponent to win! (Or, first to 15 points, it's impossible to play past that.)

Player 1 - w + s to move up and down

Player 2 - up + down arrows to move up and down

During the game, you can hit "esc" to pause. It also pauses on the Now Serving screen.

Good luck, and when you're done, go make yourself a burger! :)


All code, art, assets, and sound effects made by me, kristinamay.

Made in Pixaki, Medley, and Figma using Love2D.

Code is hanging out in github if you're interested.


pongburger-1.0.0-MacOS.zip 10 MB
pongburger-1.0.0-Win32.zip 4 MB
pongburger-1.0.0-Win64.zip 5 MB
pongburger-1.0.0.love 1 MB

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