A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

There’s a convention in town, and the whole place is buzzing! There’s just something… not quite right, here.

Can you, a barista with a knack for walking around town and having conversations with other humans, get to the bottom of it today, or will you have to try again today?

WASD to move, space to interact/advance dialogue.

Code: Kevin, Viv, zeitghost

Game design + writing: Kevin, Viv, zeitghost, kristinamay

Art + music: kristinamay

Made with Love2D, Medley, and Pixaki.


Return to Loop's Bend - Mac OSX 11 MB
Return to Loop's Bend - Linux (requires LOVE2D app) 5 MB
Return to Loop's Bend - Windows x64 9 MB


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Can you guys upload the .dlls for the windows version? Without them it won't run without Love2D installed. The art from the screenshots looks great though!


Thanks for letting us know - we fixed it so you should be good to go!